Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Lauren and Michael's Wedding - April 14, 2018

Lauren and Michael had a beautiful wedding at a private residence they rented on Lake Travis.  They made their wedding so personal and with so many family touches that it was just a great time for me as a photographer.  They had newspaper clippings from when Lauren's parents were married.  She even had her grandmother's ring and this super fun garter belt with an old West style mini gun holster.  What great details to have!

They had a very small wedding, only about 25 people involved.  This made for some beautiful pictures, and we were even able to get a picture of the entire wedding party and guests together! 

One of the best parts about the way Lauren and Michael set up their wedding day was that they had about 3 hours between the wedding ceremony and the reception.  This meant that we were able to spend time on their wedding party and newlywed photos after the ceremony.  They had a fun group of friends, and I had a good time taking pictures with them.  They were really good sports the entire process.

Lauren and Michael decided to have their wedding reception on a boat on Lady Bird Lake.  It was such a cool idea, and a fun experience for me.  And another benefit of the long break between wedding and reception was that I was able to put together a slideshow of their wedding photos for everyone to see at the reception.  It was a nice touch, especially for those friends who weren't able to be a part of the intimate wedding ceremony earlier in the day.